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Vision System Services - Inspection

The purpose of this project is to design and build a system that will visually inspect the threaded portion of a blow molded part.

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Thread Inspection

Dynamic Design Solutions has developed a machine to inspect internal threads.

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Roll Separation Inspection

The purpose of this project is verify that the paper rolls have the proper spacing prior to flipping them into position.  This will prevent injury and allow proper operation of the downstream equipment.

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High Speed Vision Inspection of Batteries

Dynamic Design Solutions is a Certified Vision Integrator for both Cognex™ and DVT™ vision sensors. We were contracted by a battery manufacturer to inspect their various battery types for defects on both the positive and negative ends.

Our system inspected over 600 batteries per minute and looked for almost 10 different defects per end including, scratches, dents, dirt, and other length defects. We also looked at the registration of the label and rejected any battery that didn’t meet the quality standard.

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Gear Position Inspection

The purpose of this project was to integrate a vision system to inspect a gear assembly for proper orientation of the driven gears relative to the main drive gear.

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Thread Pitch Inspection

Dynamic Design Solutions has created a thread pitch measurement station that can be used to measure internal or external threads.

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