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Vision System Services - Inspection

Project Description:

The purpose of this project is to design and build a system that will visually inspect the threaded portion of a blow molded part.


Machine Summary:

The camera will measure the diameter of the threads on the part, ensuring that the diameter is within the specified tolerances.  Once the vision system has completed its inspection, it will signal the existing system robot.  The existing system robot will then move the next part into place, and the inspection process will repeat.  Once all four (4) parts have been inspected, the vision system will send the appropriate 24 VDC pass/fail signals to the existing system, and the stack lights.  If any of the inspections failed, the vision system will use 24 VDC discrete outputs to specify which part failed its inspection.
DDS supplied the inspection station, complete with fixture, lighting, camera, lensing, electrical enclosure, and any needed push buttons, pilot lights, and stack lights. DDS also developed a camera program to inspect the parts as described above.

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